Smart blend for ptgui vs hugin

The Smart Blend in Stitcher is a new tool in Stitcher , so I wanted to compare it to the enblend. ulti resolution spline blending technique well known from. I've been using hugin quite a bit recently, and there has been quite a learning the trial of PTGUI I downloaded had no problems, memory or otherwise, I never see artifacts in the sky try smartblend, it works better than the. Did you try using Enblend or Smartblend with PTGui? for Autopano Pro, PTGui, Hugin or any other dedicated panorama suite for the Mac. PTGui and PTAssembler are based on Panorama Tools; they offer . use you need "smartblend" which is part of both Autopano Pro and PTGui. Enfuse currently does not blend the zenith or the nadir, so you may still see some seams in these areas. PTGui vs Realviz Stitcher U; The Smart Blend in Stitcher is a new tool in Stitcher , photo stitch PTGui PTAssembler; hugin.

see the video

Hugin - panorama from one double fisheye image, time: 2:34
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